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World’s first skewer free cannabis cigar

Before the creation of Hamilton Cannagars, most regular “cannagars” were created through the “Skewered Method.” Originally, creators would use traditional Thai stick technique by literally skewering the cannagar through the center for structural support and airflow.

After exhaustive research and development, Hamilton Cannagars are made without the dated skewer to transcend the unwanted “chimney effect.” Skewered cannagars smoke hotter due to the rush of smoke through the hollowed-out cannagar, which destroys the gusto of carefully cultivated terpenes.  

By removing the skewer entirely, we have created a smoother smoking experience for the discerning cannabis consumer who values a clean draw, with exceptional flavor.

Flower Sourcing

Hamilton Cannagars are made with 100% craft flower, without the additional of extracts or concentrates because it burns cooler and allows the coveted Silvertip strain from Bull Run Craft Cannabis to shine.


Hamilton Cannagars sources Certified-Kind Silvertip, an Indica-dominant hybrid cultivated by our friends at Bull Run Craft Cannabis. The combination of terpenes from the slow-cured leaves and flower produces an unrivaled, flavorful smoke.


We have taken a page out of the cigar industry for leaf prep and general manufacturing of cannagars. But we strive to preserve the supreme aspects of cannabis: flavor, aesthetics, and the high.

Late into a cannabis plant’s flowering cycle, the water (or fan) leaves will begin consuming themselves for nutrition. This process is called cannibalization, where chlorophyll (responsible for plants green color) is broken down and is used as food by the plant.

Cannabis cultivars like Silvertip produce dark green leaves, so it is absolutely essential they are cured until they are no longer harsh when smoked. Every Hamilton Cannagar is subject to three stages of curing to guarantee that every puff encapsulates the natural flavors of the bud.

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